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CLE – Contempt of Court: A Lesson in Legal History

A century ago, the case of a young black man from Tennessee dramatically changed our justice system and redefined the practice of law. The amazing story of Ed Johnson and his two lawyers was buried in dusty old law books. But lawyer and journalist Mark Curriden brings it to life in an extraordinary CLE Ethics presentation based on his bestselling book, Contempt of Court: The Turn-of-the-Century Lynching that Launched a Hundred Years of Federalism. "It is the only CLE ethics program I've handled where my lawyers were so moved that some of them actually cried," says New Hampshire Bar Association CLE Director Joanne Hinnendael. "I strongly recommend Mark's presentation." - MORE >

CLE – Writer’s Workshop for Lawyers

Lawyers love to write - or at least to have written. President Lincoln called writing "the greatest invention of the world." Even Justice Felix Frankfurter wrote, "Literature is not the goal of lawyers, though they occasionally attain it." The truth is, many lawyers want to be the next John Grisham or Jeffrey Toobin. They want to pen Op-Eds for the New York Times, write best-selling books or see their byline in Rolling Stone or The New Yorker. Many lawyers write because they want to raise their profile or have a cause to promote. Some write because they have an untold story inside that needs to come out or want to increase public attention on an issue that they are uniquely positioned to address. And a few lawyers write because it is their passion. In the Writer’s Workshop CLE, Mark helps the lawyer to become that writer. He explains how the Rules of Professional Conduct in each state govern lawyers publishing. He teaches lawyers how to be better writers by implementing a few key standards. And he guides them down the road to publication. "Our lawyers loved Mark's Writer's Workshop," says Cincinnati Bar Association CLE Director Dimity Orlet. "I definitely recommend it."  - MORE >


CLE – News Media & the Practice of Law CLE

The news media plays an increasing role in the everyday practice of law. Lawyers in all practices are realizing that they can use the media to showcase their successes and legal expertise. More and more clients want their lawyers to represent their interest in the public arena. Mark's Media Training CLE helps lawyers understand the ethical, legal and practical issues when it comes to dealing with the media and closely examines Rule 3.6 and other key RPC provisions that govern lawyers dealing with the media. The CLE covers the meaning and application of "off-the-record," how to effectively say "no comment," how to be quoted in the media as an expert, and "crisis management" situations. The CLE is approved for Ethics Credit.  - MORE >

CLE – Lions of the Trial Bar

Bobby Lee Cook passed the bar on a Thursday and a family friend set him up with an office in his rural Georgia basement the next day with a stack of case files already on his desk. "Which one I should look at first?" Cook asked his new boss. "I would start with that one," the older lawyer responded, pointing to the file on top. "Because it goes to trial on Monday." That was 1949. In the six decades since, Cook has handled more than 400 murder trials, and won about 80 percent. NBC based its character Matlock on Cook's career. Mark Curriden spent several days interviewing Bobby Lee and a half dozen other Lions of the Trial Bar. All are 70 and older and have tried more than 100 jury trials. The seven were featured in a series of articles in the ABA Journal. Now, Mark has turned the extraordinary stories of those lawyers into an educational and entertaining CLE program that has received tremendous evaluations. The presentation examines the careers of Cook, Joe Jamail, Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, James Neal, Bernard Nussbuam, Fred Barlett, and James Brosnahan. What was it about these lawyers that made them so successful? What special characteristics and unique techniques did they employ that made them great in the courtroom? By the way, Cook won that first case.

- MORE >


Mark Curriden is an award-winning legal journalist, bestselling author, and frequent lecturer at legal organizations across the country. Educated as a lawyer, Mark is a senior writer for the ABA Journal, which is the nation's largest legal publication, and a regular contributor to the New York Times DealBook on matters of corporate and business law. He also holds the position of Writer in Residence at the SMU Dedman School of Law in Dallas. - MORE >

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